Events from 2019

Actualizing the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development Through Social Group Work, Carol S. Cohen, Alexis Howard, Kyle McGee II, and Erin Nau


Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Start Back Tool for Arabic Speaking Adults With Low Back Pain in Saudi Arabia, Lina Elsabbagh, Tasneem Al-Atwi, Dhai Aldossary, Ali M. Alshami, Jonathan C. Hill, Wahiba Abu-Ras, Huda Abu-Saad Huijer, and Dina Brooks


Group Workers' Experiences of Mutual Aid: Stories From the Field, Barbara Muskat, Andrea Greenblatt, Charles Garvin, William Pelech, Carol Cohen, and Mark Macgowan


Addressing the Treatment Gap for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness: Can a Short-Term Crisis and Transitional Intervention Impact Psychiatric and Medical Service Utilization?, Chrisann M. Newransky, Kristina Monti, and Margaret Lombe

Childhood and the Politics of Care, Elizabeth Palley

Affirmative Action: Personal Stories (Letter to the Editor), Philip Rozario

Letter to the Editor: A Broader Picture of the Dropout Scandal, Philip Rozario


Foreign Domestic Workers and Eldercare in Singapore: Who Hires Them?, Philip Rozario and Song-Iee Hong

Events from 2018


Child Poverty and Youth Unemployment in Palestine, Wahiba Abu-Ras and Rozena A. Mohamed

Psychological Stressors Among Palestinian Parents of Children With Disabilities: Challenges, Coping, and Determination, Wahiba Abu-Ras and M. Saleh


Muslim Americans Safety and Well-Being in the Wake of Trump: A Public Health and Social Justice Crisis, Wahiba Abu-Ras, Z. Suarez, and S Abu-Bader

Irresistible, Andrew J. Peters

Social Support and Self-Rated Health of African American Women Informal Caregivers: Urban and Rural Differences, Philip Rozario and Gaynell M. Simpson

Events from 2017

Practicing as a Social Work Educator in International Collaboration, Alice K. Butterfield and Carol S. Cohen


The Dynamics Underlying the Negative Mental Health Effects of Gender Discrimination in Two Samples: Poland and Egypt, I. Kira, H. Shuwiekh, J. Kucharska, Wahiba Abu-Ras, and M. Bujold-Bugeaud