Department Chair: Jacqueline Johnson

Students of the Adelphi Sociology program are taught to investigate the organization and condition of society through the analysis of the behavior of groups and social institutions. Through observation and the use of empirical and conceptual tools, they collect data, define social patterns, draw conclusions and formulate new insights about the complexities of human behavior.

The Department is involved in a wide-range of collaborative social justice initiatives on campus, leading and co-sponsoring public events, workshops, and lectures with the Adelphi Collaboration Project, the Racial Justice Alliance, Conversations on Race, and the Center for Health Initiatives.

Students study gender, race, class, deviance, health, immigration, and criminology, introducing them to scholarly thinking on many of the core issues of our time. All students are given the opportunity to participate in an internship in sociology and criminal justice, providing real world experience in their chosen field.

Graduates have been accepted at many prestigious institutions including: Columbia, New York University, The New School for Social Research, Stony Brook University, Texas A&M, and SUNY/CUNY schools such as John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Other graduates are pursuing exciting careers in business, counseling, criminal justice, education, government and nonprofit advocacy.


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