Most Recent Additions*


Most physically educated contest.
Kevin Mercier and T. Howard


A successful CSPAP in NYC Schools; WITS.
W. Siskin and Kevin Mercier


Educating future leaders of the sport-based youth development field
M. A. Whitley, J. Bruening, T. Martinek, and K Mercier


Three Year Study of Students' Attitudes Toward Physical Education: Grades 4-8
Kevin Mercier, C. Donovan, A. Gibbone, and K. Rozga


Fitness Assessment: Recommendations for an Enjoyable Student Experience.
S. R. Phillips, R. Marttinen, and Kevin Mercier


Attitudes matter in physical education
P. R. Subramaniam and Kevin Mercier


Reaching Diverse Learners Through Social Justice Themes
Susan Eichenholtz, M. Pepper-Sanello, A. Sosin, and L. Buttaro


Faculty Action-Research: Applying Learning Pattern Theory to an E-folio Initiative
Susan Eichenholtz, Patricia A. Marcellino, and Adrienne Sosin


Deglaciation and Human Colonization of Northern Europe
Brian T. Wygal and Stephan M. Heidenreich


Who Can Benefit From Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy? A Study Of Psychiatric Outpatients With Personality Disorders
B Vinnars, Jacques P. Barber, K Noren, B Thormählen, R Gallop, A Lindgren, and R M. Weinryb


What Makes Susie Cry? A Symptom-Context Study Of Family Therapy
P Crits-Christoph, L Luborsky, E Gay, T Todd, Jacques P. Barber, and E Luborsky


What Aspects Of Treatment Matter To The Patient In The Treatment Of Cocaine Dependence?
L Siqueland, P Crits-Christoph, Jacques P. Barber, M B. Connolly Gibbons, R Gallop, M L. Griffin, A Frank, M E. Thase, L Luborsky, and B Liese

*Updated as of 04/22/18.