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Deglaciation and Human Colonization of Northern Europe
Brian T. Wygal and Stephan M. Heidenreich


Who Can Benefit From Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy? A Study Of Psychiatric Outpatients With Personality Disorders
B Vinnars, Jacques P. Barber, K Noren, B Thormählen, R Gallop, A Lindgren, and R M. Weinryb


What Makes Susie Cry? A Symptom-Context Study Of Family Therapy
P Crits-Christoph, L Luborsky, E Gay, T Todd, Jacques P. Barber, and E Luborsky


What Aspects Of Treatment Matter To The Patient In The Treatment Of Cocaine Dependence?
L Siqueland, P Crits-Christoph, Jacques P. Barber, M B. Connolly Gibbons, R Gallop, M L. Griffin, A Frank, M E. Thase, L Luborsky, and B Liese


Unique And Common Mechanisms Of Change Across Cognitive And Dynamic Psychotherapies
M B. Connolly Gibbons, P Crits-Christoph, Jacques P. Barber, S Wiltsey Stirman, R Gallop, L Goldstein, C Themes, and S Ring-Kurtz


Treatment Preferences Affect The Therapeutic Alliance: Implications For Randomized Controlled Trials
B M. Iacovellio, K S. McCarthy, M S. Barrettt, M Rynn, R Gallop, and Jacques P. Barber


Transference Patterns In The Therapeutic Relationship In Supportive-Expressive Psychotherapy For Depression
M B. Connolly, P Crits-Christoph, Jacques P. Barber, and L Luborsky


Training In Cognitive, Supportive-Expressive, And Drug Counseling Therapies For Cocaine Dependence
P Crits-Christoph, L Siqueland, J Chittams, Jacques P. Barber, A Beck, B Liese, L Luborsky, D Mark, D Mercer, L Simon Onken, L M. Najavits, M E. Thase, and G Woody


To What Extent Is Alliance Affected By Transference? An Empirical Exploration
S Zilcha-Mano, K S. McCarthy, U Dinger, and Jacques P. Barber


To Use Or To Refuse Cocaine – The Deciding Factors
L Luborsky, J McKay, D Mercer, S Johnson, K Schmidt, A T. McLellan, and Jacques P. Barber

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