Department Chair: Traci Levy

Adelphi University’s political science degree program encompasses the study of the forms and processes of government that every society and social organization require. The major in political science also gives students the opportunity to examine the the role of political systems in determining the rules by which members of a community live, the community’s principles and goals, and the nature and sources of political obligation.

The political science curriculum is organized into five fields: American government and politics, political theory, comparative government, international relations, and American public policy. Understanding of political processes equips members of a democratic society with the knowledge needed to act responsibly. A degree in political science also offers an excellent intellectual foundation for many careers, including law, education, government service, business, communications, campaign management, and management consulting.

The department’s programs use the world as a laboratory for linking theoretical concerns with practical realities. The faculty encourage students to read with understanding, express ideas with clarity and force, and analyze political problems and issues systematically. There are numerous guest lectures, conferences and colloquia sponsored by the Political Science Department. The Ambassadorial lecture series invites ambassadors from the United Nations to discuss important issues and meet with students. Local internships with local and national legislators are encouraged.


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