Submissions from 2017

Combating gender bias, a mediating factor on teacher value orientation, using activity theory, E. Bernstein, S. Phillips, and Kevin Mercier

Three Year Study of Students' Attitudes Toward Physical Education: Grades 4-8, Kevin Mercier, C. Donovan, A. Gibbone, and K. Rozga

Most physically educated contest., Kevin Mercier and T. Howard

Fitness Assessment: Recommendations for an Enjoyable Student Experience., S. R. Phillips, R. Marttinen, and Kevin Mercier

A successful CSPAP in NYC Schools; WITS., W. Siskin and Kevin Mercier

Attitudes matter in physical education, P. R. Subramaniam and Kevin Mercier

Educating future leaders of the sport-based youth development field, M. A. Whitley, J. Bruening, T. Martinek, and K Mercier

Submissions from 2016

Experiences of teacher evaluation systems on highschool physical education programs, S. Phillips, Kevin Mercier, and S. Doolittle