Submissions from 2007

Using Information from an Early Intervention Program to Enhance Literacy Goals on the Individualized Education Program (IEP), E. A. O'Connor and A. E. Yasik

Using Fractured Fairy Tales in ESL Classrooms, D. Schwinge

Electronic Portfolios: Implementing Strategies and Impact on Teaching and Learning in Graduate Education Programs, A. Sosin, M. Pepper-Sanello, S. Eichenholtz, Patricia Ann Marcellino, and S. Rubin

Critical Literacy as Resistance: Problematizing Race, Gender, and Class With Urban Youth, L. Wallowitz

"Student's Negotiations of Heteronormative Spaces", L. Wallowitz

Ceramics Studio Lecture and Demonstration, C. L. Weida

Gender and Physicality in Ceramics Practice, C. L. Weida

Researching Ambivalence and Female Potters, C. L. Weida

Technopotters and Webs of Clay: Digital Possibilities in Ceramics Education, C. L. Weida

TESOL Partnerships in Health Literacy, G. Weinstein, D. Gordon, J. King, and M. Santos

Examining the Values and Models of Leadership in Children's Books, Lori Berman Wolf and Patricia Ann Marcellino

Submissions from 2006

Linking Teacher Induction, Teacher Development, and Student Learning: An Examination of Conceptual and Measurement Challenges, Jane Ashdown, B. Hummel-Rossi, and R. Tobias

Instructional Practices Among Alternatively Certified Elementary Teachers, B. M. Bisland, M. S. Malow-Iroff, and E. A. O'Connor

Superaddressee or Who Will Succeed a Mentor?, L. Bryzzheva

Improving Health Communication Skills of Health Professions Students, D. David, D. Gordon, and C. Bruns

Faculty Action-research: Applying Learning Pattern Theory to an E-folio Initiative, Susan Eichenholtz, P. A. Marcellino, and A. Sosin

Actualizing Electronic Portfolio Assessments, Susan Eichenholtz, A. Sosin, and M. Pepper-Sanello

Organizing the Curriculum: Perspectives on Teaching the American Labor Movement, Susan Eichenholtz, A. Sosin, M. Pepper-Sanello, and Lucia Buttaro

It Bothers Your Mind, Cannot Study Nothing: Laotian Refugees, Trauma, and Language Learning, D. Gordon

She's Independent, She's American Now. I Don't Like That: Shifting Gender Identities Among ESL Learners, D. Gordon

An Investigation of Reciprocal Effects: Literacy Achievement and Self- Beliefs, B. Hummel-Rossi and Jane Ashdown

A Teambuilding Model for the Educational Leadership Classroom, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Listening to Metaphoric Messages in Business and Education Teams, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Reflections and Team Learning at the Intersection of Business and Education, Patricia Ann Marcellino

The Utilization of a Team Contract as an Instructional Tool, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Faculty Action Research: Applying Learning Pattern Theory to an E-folio Initiative, Patricia Ann Marcellino, S. E. Eichenholtz, and A. Sosin

Faculty Action-research: Applying Learning Pattern Theory to an E-folio Initiative, Patricia Ann Marcellino, S. Eichenholtz, and A. A. Sosin

Needs Based Negotiation for School Collaboration: Making Communication Work, Patricia Ann Marcellino and W. J. Niles

Conscientious Objection in Operation Desert Storm, C. Mirra

Radical Historians and The Liberal Establishment: Staughton Lynd's Life with History, C. Mirra

U.S. Militarism and Peace Education, C. Mirra

Towards Improving Professional Development in High Need Schools, Anne Mungai

Bilingual Education: Developing Our Future Leaders, Anne Mungai and Roca Eva

Bringing Peace to Children through Education, Anne Mungai and George Mungai

Needs Based Negotiation: Making Talk Work in Collaborative Environments, W. B. Niles and Patricia Ann Marcellino

Learning to Make Intertextual Connections: Fractured Fairy Tales in the Bilingual Classroom, D. Schwinge

Making Connections: Using Fractured Fairy Tales in Bilingual Classrooms, D. Schwinge

We are Reporters: Developing an Appreciation and Purpose for Collecting, Recording, and Recalling Data Using a Variety of Reporting Strategies, K. Steuerwalt and E. A. O'Connor

"Bridging Cultures, Bridging Curriculum: Using Text and Image as a Vehicle For Interdisciplinary Teaching", L. Wallowitz and E. Bekkala

"Differentiation Across the Curriculum", L. Wallowitz and R. Linne

"Labor as Curriculum", L. Wallowitz and R. Linne

En-gendering Clay: Her Stories in Ceramics, C. L. Weida

Submissions from 2005

Financial Literacy Teacher Training: A Multiple-Measure Evaluation, C Baron-Donovan, R. L Wiener, S Block-Lieb, and K. Gross

Social Studies Instructional Practices Among Alternatively Certified Elementary Teachers, B. M. Bisland, M. S. Malow-Iroff, and E. A. O'Connor

"Hot Burning Torches: Teaching YA Books That Sizzle With Controversy", T Emert, L Wallowitz, and A. Levy

Even if We don't Study Literacy, We Can Still Eat Rice: Literacy in Two Lands, D. Gordon

Identity, Citizenship, and Ambivalence in the Age of Homeland (In)Security, D. Gordon

"Hello? I'm Talking Here ", E JS Kang

Bridging Disciplines and Setting up Diverse Teams, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Examining Leadership through Media Exploration: Where Are the Women?, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Learning from Contrasting Teams, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Borrowing from Business and re-Aligning Needs-based Negotiation with Senge's Five Disciplines, Patricia Ann Marcellino and W. J. Niles

Applying Expectancy Theory to Digital Portfolios, Patricia Ann Marcellino and A. Sosin

Digital Portfolios in Educational Leadership and Literacy Graduate Programs: An Action Research Study, Patricia Ann Marcellino and A. A. Sosin

Enduring Freedom or Enduring War? Prospects and Costs of the New American Century, C. Mirra

God's New Israel in Crisis: American Civil Religion and the War on Terror, C. Mirra

Guilt and Sacrifice in U.S. Warfare, C. Mirra

The Creation of a Children's Home in Kenya, Anne Mungai

Needs Based Negotiation: Making Talk Work for School Collaboration, W. J. Niles and Patricia Ann Marcellino

Looking for Patterns: Using the Observation Survey to Inform Instruction, E. A. O'Connor

Developing Self-regulation Within the Reading Recovery Context, E. A. O'Connor and S. L. Horner

An Alternate Route to Teaching Certification: New York City Teaching Fellows' Exit Investigation, E. A. O'Connor, M. S. Malow-Iroff, and B. M. Bisland

Sharing, Showing, and Transforming: How Attendance at a Highlighting Literacy Conference Influenced Pre-service and Beginning Teachers, E. A. O'Connor and F. Samson

Rhythm, Rhyme, Reading and Writing with Raps, B. Rando, E. A. O'Connor, and K. Steuerwalt

Professional Development Laboratories: Center For Literacy and Community Services, Carole S. Rhodes and Lori Berman Wolf

A Journey into Literacy: An Interview with David Booth, F. Samson and E. A. O'Connor

"Three Is a Crowd": Us Bilingual Teachers Implementing Federal, City, and Local Language and Literacy Policies, D. Schwinge

Debtor Education, Financial Literacy, and Pending Bankruptcy Legislation, R. L Wiener, C Baron-Donovan, K Gross, and S. Block-Lieb

Unwrapping Assumptions: Applying Social Analytic Jurisprudence to Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Policy, R. L Wiener, S Block-Lieb, K Gross, and C. Baron-Donovan

Submissions from 2004

Symposium Panel: Developing Contextual and Theoretical Understanding of Leadership through Film-Deconstructing Shared Leadership, Team Development and Transformation Change Through Media Exploration, J. Barbour, F. English, Patricia Ann Marcellino, and J. Gipson

Issues Influencing the Retention of Beginning Urban Teachers: The New York City Teaching Fellows, B. M. Bisland, A. T. Costigan, M. S. Malow-Iroff, and E. A. O'Connor

Health Literacy for ESL Students, D. Gordon

I'm Tired. You Clean and Cook. Shifting Gender Identities and Second Language Socialization, D. Gordon

Shifting Gender Identities and Second Language Socialization, D. Gordon

Health Literacy Education in Immigrant Communities, D. Gordon and P. Dillon

Alternatively Certified Teachers: Beliefs and Characteristics, M. S. Malow-Iroff, E. A. O'Connor, and B. M. Bisland

Pupil Control and Teacher Efficacy in a Group of Alternative Certification Teachers in New York City, M. S. Malow-Iroff, E. A. O'Connor, and B. M. Bisland

Beginning a Team Journey of Discovery, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Building Leadership and Understanding in Teams, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Issues in Leadership Preparation - Chair of Session, Patricia Ann Marcellino

General Smedley Butler and Military Dissent in US History, C. Mirra

The War on Terrorism: Historical Perspectives and Future Prospects, C. Mirra

Needs Based Negotiation: Making Talk Work, W. J. Niles and Patricia Ann Marcellino

Record Keeping that Informs and Guides Teaching, E. A. O'Connor

An Observational Study to Determine the Influence of Teacher Experience on the Elementary Classroom System, E. A. O'Connor, M. C. Fish, and A. E. Yasik

Teachers' Experiences in Training, Administration and Use of New York City's Early Childhood Literacy Assessment System (ECLAS-2), E. A. O'Connor and K. M. Steuerwalt

Bottom-Up Language Planners: Bilingual Teachers Implementing Multiple Literacy Programs, D. Schwinge

Enabling Biliteracy: Using New Literacies to Help Bilingual Students Make Intertextual Connections, D. Schwinge

Making Connections Between Languages, Between Cultures, Between Texts: Using Hybrid Literacy Practices in a Bilingual Elementary School Class, D. Schwinge

Reading as Resistance: Gendered Messages in Literature and Media, L. Wallowitz

"Women's Health Activism in a Feminist Voice", L. Wallowitz

Submissions from 2003

A Symposium for Diverse Learners: Creating Communities of Learners in Higher Education, N. Boyer, R. Kottkamp, P. Maher, Patricia Ann Marcellino, K. Pearle, E. Rusch, and R. Silverberg

This Land is Your Land: Using Learner Narratives in the ESL Classroom, D. Gordon and L. Hayden

"Lung Surfactant Collapse and Recovery in Premature Infants" Research Experience for Teachers. UC Santa Barbara., E JS Kang

Building a Learning Community: A Contrast of Two Diverse Teams of Learners, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Creative Problem Solving: A Teambuilding Model for Leadership Classrooms, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Igniting Learning Through Teams & Partnerships, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Intentionally Building Teams For Creativity and Problem-Solving, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Bridging Divisions by Sharing Leadership, Patricia Ann Marcellino, Lori Berman Wolf, and Carole S. Rhodes

George W. Bush's Theological Diplomacy, C. Mirra