Submissions from 2014

Gendering the Hoard: The Visual Culture of Tween Girls, C. L. Weida

Portraiture, Pottery, and Pedagogy: Examining Portraiture Methodology in the Contexts of Ceramics and Teaching, C. L. Weida

Teaching Artists and the Craft of Handmade Books, C. L. Weida

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Performance of Best Ceo Award Winners, S.M. Yang, A Ashley, and J Patel

Submissions from 2013

When Elephants Fight, the Grass Gets Trampeled: Internal Displacement of Women and Its Educational Implications, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Weaving Threads of Narrative and Aesthtics: Interdisciplinary Education Through Story Telling Approaches, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill, C. L. Weida, and Tara Gibney

Will Institutional Performance Profiles Lead to Greater Accountability for Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness?, Jane Ashdown and C. Donovan

New Approaches to Evaluating Educator Preparation Programs: What Promise for Program Improvement?, Jane Ashdown, Corinne Donovan, and Anne Mungai

Administrative and Accounting Practices in the Byzantine Empire, C.R. Baker


Online Forum Discussions and the Development of Opinions in College-Level ESL Writing, Clara Bauler

The Value Relevance of Earnings Levels in the Return-Earnings Relation, C.S Cheng, B Lee, and S.M. Yang

Teacher Educators as Learners: How Supervisors Shape their Pedagogies by Creating and Using Classroom Videos with their Student Teachers, R Danielowich and M.J. McCarthy

Teacher Educators as Learners: How Supervisors Shape Their Pedagogies By Creating and Using Classroom Videos With Their Student Teachers, R. M. Danielowich and M. J. McCarthy

"Lifting as We Rise: Black Women in America", M. Darling

"The Quest For Equality: From Reconstruction to Obama", M. Darling

(Dis)orientation and Spatial Sense: Topological Thinking in the Middle Grades, E de Freitas and M.J. McCarthy

Topological Thinking in the Middle School Grades: Rethinking Geometry as Corporeal Space, E de Freitas and M.J. McCarthy

Findings from a State-wide, Career Path, Pilot Study Linking Teacher Education Data with School and Student Level Data, Corinne Donovan, Jane Ashdown, and Anne Mungai

Learning to Teach Far from Home: Adapting to the Needs of Chinese MA TESOL Students, D. Gordon and D. Schwinge

Situated Play: Instruction and Learning in Fighter Games, A. Hung

Politics, Dating and Gaming: Hanging Out on Xbox Live, A. C.Y. Hung

Video and Conversational Analysis Classroom Ethnography, A.C.Y. Hung

The Neuron Game, E JS Kang

Relationships among Science Language, Concepts and Processes: A Study of English Learners in Junior High School Science Classrooms, E JS Kang and J A. Bianchini

Crossing the Border from Science Student to Science Teacher: Preservice Teachers' Views and Experiences Learning to Teach Inquiry, E JS Kang, J A. Bianchini, and G. J. Kelly

"IPad Project: Initial First Steps", Patricia Ann Marcellino

Innovations in NYS: Voices of Administrators Regarding Implementation & Practice of Response to Intervention & Common Core Standards, Patricia Ann Marcellino and D. T. Burton

A Popular War? Military Censorship and the Underreporting of Antiwar Resistance in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, C. Mirra

Chair and Commentator, Historian as Protagonist: Howard Zinn, Staughton Lynd and the Entanglements of a Usable Past, C. Mirra

Insurgents, Accidental Guerrillas and Valley-ism: An Oral History of Oppositional US Soldiers' Attitudes Toward the Enemy in Afghanistan, C. Mirra

Achievement and Education of Girls in Kenya, Anne Mungai

A Qualitative Inquiry Into the Virtual Interaction of Student in Asynchronous Online Blended Courses, Anne Mungai

A Qualitative Inquiry into Virtual Interactions of Students in Asynchronous Online Blended Courses: A Look at Perceived Students' Learning, Students' Satisfaction and Active Participant and Clarity Course Design, Anne Mungai

Dominant Factors in Understanding Multicultural Education: Do our Students Really Get it?, Anne Mungai

Dominant Factors in Understanding Multicultural Education: Do our Students Really Get it?, Anne Mungai

Response to Intervention: Following Three Reading Recovery Children on Their Individual Paths to Becoming Literate, E. A. O'Connor, C. Briggs, and R. Forbes

Derrida, Friendship and Responsible Teaching in Contrast to Effective Teaching, S. Sinha

Psychoanalytic Understandings of Classroom Life and Learning, Devin Thornburg

Technology and Arts-Bridging New York and Western Sahara, Devin Thornburg

Polities and Politics of Ongoing Assessments: Evidence from Video-gaming and Blogging, H Varenne, G. Andrews, A.C.Y. Hung, and S. Wessler

Book As Art, C. L. Weida

Bound and Unbound II: Altered Book Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Drawing Threads Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Memorial Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Exquisite Uterus Project. Group exhibition of hand-made art based upon the image and symbol of the female uterus, curated by Helen Klebesadel and Alison Gates., C. L. Weida

Feminist Zines: (Pre)Occupations of Gender Identity, Politics, and Digital Cultures, C. L. Weida

Frederick Froebel's Influences On Drawing Education: Reclaiming Invention and Play in Mark-Making, C. L. Weida

Frederick Froebel's philosophies of drawing: Play, representation and invention, C. L. Weida

Public/Private Exquisite Uterus Project, C. L. Weida

The Art & Craft of Research, C. L. Weida

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Comparing Pre-Adolescent Female Visual Culture Artifacts with Historic Hoards, C. L. Weida and C. Bradbury

Guerrilla Girlhood Glitter Guild: Researching Hidden Hoards of Tween Treasures, C. L. Weida, C. Bradbury, and K. Edwards

Soft and Sustainable Studio Work: Recycling Media, Representing Ecology, and Re-envisioning Craft With the International Fiber Collaborative, C. L. Weida and J. Marsh

Submissions from 2012

I Will Chant Homage to the Orisha: the Role of Folklore, Folktales and Praise Songs in Yoruba Culture, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

When Elephants Fight, the Grass Gets Trampled: the Internal Displacement of Women and Its Educational Implications, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

To Know Is Not Enough: Diaspora Fathers Conduct of Fatherhood, Teaching and Learning With Their Children in a New World, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill and Berte van Wyk

A Counter-Policy Collaboration among Schools of Education: What Promise for Transforming Teacher Education?, Jane Ashdown, D. Burton, M. Hogan, and D. Levinson

The Explicit Teaching of Reading Comprehension in Science Class: A Pilot Professional Development Program, T Concannon-Gibney and M.J. McCarthy

Use of Social Media: The Challenge for School Administrators, Susan Eichenholtz

Action Research: Joining Theory with Practice in ESL Teacher Education, D. Gordon and D. Schwinge

Fostering Self-regulated Reading in Early Childhood Classrooms, S. L. Horner and E. A. O'Connor

Adolescents and Boundary-crossing Competence in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, A.C.Y. Hung

Collaboration and Problem-solving in a Complex Project Space, A.C.Y. Hung

Screen-sharing and Joint Attention Work as Literacy Practice, A.C.Y. Hung and D. Scipio

AMPing up your Teaching: Lessons Learned from the Field, E JS Kang

From Farm to Table, E JS Kang

World Hunger: Dispelling the Myths., E JS Kang

Strategies for Implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) in Light of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)., E JS Kang, M McCarthy, and F. Vaughn-Shavuo

Teaching Borders and Boundaries: Anthropological Investigations into Citizenship Education, J. Long, M. Stechel, D. Gordon, and M. Bush

Choosing a Life One Has Reason to Value: The Role of the Arts in Fostering Capability Development in Four Urban High Schools, C Maguire, C Donovan, J Mishook, G. de Gaillande, and I. Garcia

Preparing Educational Leaders for Social Justice, Action-learning, and Democratic Activism, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Sustaining Quality: Applying a Multidisciplinary Approach to a School Leadership Course as a Teaching & Learning Strategy in a Nationally Recognized Leadership Program, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Leadership: The Role of School and District Administrators in Implementing RTI, Patricia Ann Marcellino and D. T. Burton

Academic Achievement of Girls in Rural Schools in Kenya, Anne Mungai

A Cultural Comparison of How Families in Africa and United States Consider Their Children with Autism, Anne Mungai

How to Include All Students, Anne Mungai

Multicultural Education and Comparative Education, Anne Mungai

Missing the Kindergarten Year: The Implication for First Grade Literacy Performance, E. A. O'Connor

Can Emergent Literacy Learning Take Place Without the Skill and Drill?: A Reggio Emilia Inspired Preschool, E. A. O'Connor, S. L. Horner, and Caligiuri

Dialogue and Its Discontents: the Cognitive and Hermeneutic Forms of Dialogue, S. Sinha

Revisiting the Ideal of Unity Within American Public Education Informed By Multicultural Education, S. Sinha

The Primacy of Relation, S. Sinha

Embodied Re-Imagining of Pedagogical Places/Spaces, S. Sinha and L. Bryzzheva

Embodied Reimagining of Pedagogical Places/Spaces, S. Sinha and L. Bryzzheva

The Caring Teacher-Student Relationship in Public Education, Shilpi Sinha and Devin Thornburg

The Caring Teacher-Student Relationship in Public Education, S. Sinha and D. Thornburg

Journal of Social Theory in Art Education: Author Roundtable, K. Staikidis, R. Sweeny, and C. L. Weida

Assistant Curator for Large Group Exhibition During Annual National Art Education Association Convention, C. L. Weida

Counterculture, Craftsmanship, and Cyberspace Connectivity: Considerations of Contemporary Feminist Zines in/as/of Art Education, C. L. Weida

Cyberfeast III: Kitchen Gallery Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Drift Station Temporary Library Gallery Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Exploring Nature Through Trees, Papermaking, and Books, C. L. Weida

Grand Harvest Group Exhibition. Juried group exhibition centered around the concept of harvest, C. L. Weida

Group Exhibition and Project, C. L. Weida

Home Exhibition. Collaborative installation centered on topic of home., C. L. Weida

MULTIPLES: Radical Printmaking Exhibition."A night of art, music, and performance"., C. L. Weida

Notable Women in Art, C. L. Weida

Paradise Lost Exhibition. Juried Group Exhibition of Works Based Upon John Milton's Poem: Paradise Lost, C. L. Weida

Power, Politics, and Performance, C. L. Weida