Submissions from 2016


Ready, Set, Infect!, E JS Kang

"Explicame": Examining Bilingual Learners' Language Use when Constructing Arguments and Explanations of Earthquake Phenomena, E JS Kang, L H. Swanson, and C. V. Bauler

Agents of Change: A Collaborative, Proactive, Transparent Leadership Approach, R. Khamis-Dakwar, A. Skvarla, and Jane Ashdown

"Disciplinary Practices in the French Auditing Profession", C Lesage, G. Hottegindre, and C.R. Baker

Robots, Bookmarks, and Guitars, oh my! Fusing Art and Design in to an Electricity Unit., C Maguire, E JS Kang, T. Hogan, and M J. McCarthy

A Story of Courage: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Patricia Ann Marcellino and Dolores T. Burton

Exploring Elementary Students' Environmental Attitudes and Commitment Towards the Environment: "Grandpa, Don't Put That Down the Storm Drain!", M. J. McCarthy, E. Kang, and C. Donavan

Longitudinal Study of Students' Attitudes toward Physical Education Grades 4-8, K Mercier, A Gibbone, C. Donovan, and K. Rozga

Communism as Twentieth Century Americanism: The Impact of the Popular Front on Howard Zinn's Formative Radicalism, C. Mirra

Female Literacy and Development, Anne Mungai

Teachers' Knowledge of Special Education Laws: What Do They Know?, E. A. O'Connor, A. E. Yasik, and S. L. Horner

Foreword, M. O'Loughlin

Making Science Real: Supporting English learners in Argumentation and Explanation through Authentic Tasks., L H. Swanson, E JS Kang, and C. Vaz-Bauler

Changing the Dialogue: High Need School Reform, Brussels: Sense Publishers., D. Thornburg and Anne M. Mungai

Teachers in High-Need School Reform, D. Thornburg and Anne M. Mungai

What Does Integration Look Like? Sharing Findings and Practices From the Real World, C. Vaz-Bauler, E. J.S. Kang, A. Afanador-Vega, and A. Stevenson

Claiming Creative Space: Bridging the Divide between Art Practice and Art Education, C. L. Weida

Glimpses of Guanajuato: Encounters and Expressions of Borders in Art Education, C. L. Weida

"Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition", C. L. Weida

Written in Her Own Voice: Ethno-educational Autobiographies of Women in Education, C. L. Weida

(Re)Designing Girlhood Cultures: Case Studies in Collaboration & Creativity, C. L. Weida and C. Bradbury

Submissions from 2015

In Defence of Hybridization: Breaking Traditional Boundaries: Students Perception of Learning, Satisfaction and Participation, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill and Anne Mungai

"Organizational Change at Ford Motor Company in the Face of International Financial Crisis", C.R. Baker

"A Historigraphical Review of Research Concerning Accounting Changes in Post-Communist Economies", C.R Baker, E. Barbu, and T.L. Le

"Historical Innovations in the Regulation of Business and Accounting Practices: a Comparison of Absolutism and Liberal Democracy", C.R. Baker and B. Quéré

"Now You are Talking": Online Forum Discussions Inside and Outside the Language Classroom, C. Bauler and A.C.Y. Hung

Targeted Teacher Training: Developing Bilingual Science Teachers through Residency-Based Teacher Preparation Program, C. Donovan and T. Hogan

Enhancing Elementary Teachers' STEM Self-Efficacy and Teaching practices through a NGSS-Focused Professional Development Program, C Donovan, E. Kang, and M.J. McCarthy

Investigating Attitudes toward Physical Education: Validation Across Two Instruments, C Donovan, K Mercier, and S.R. Phillips


Education for National Belonging: Imposing Borders and Boundaries on Citizenship, D. Gordon

Case Studies of Clinical Preparation in Teacher Education, D. Gordon, C Donovan, and T Hogan

Education for National Belonging: Imposing Borders and Boundaries on Citizenship with Difference, D. Gordon, J. Long, and M. Fellin

Learning to Teach Far From Home: International Student Teacher Preparation, D. Gordon and D. Schwinge

Political Talk among Adolescents on Xbox Live, A.C.Y. Hung

Critical Reading and Writing for STEM, E JS Kang

Expert Panel Moderator: Racing to Zero Documentary., E JS Kang

Enhancing Elementary teachers' STEM Teaching Practice through a NGSS-focused Professional Development Program., E JS Kang, M J. McCarthy, and C. Donovan

Enhancing Elementary teachers' STEM Teaching Practice through a NGSS-focused Professional Development Program., E JS Kang, M J. McCarthy, and C. Donovan

A Teambuilding Model for the Educational Leadership Classroom, Patricia Ann Marcellino

From Pedagogy to Diagnosis: Metaphors Provide Access to Leadership Teams, Patricia Ann Marcellino

I Don't Want To Be A Leader: Or Do I?, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Revisiting & Redesigning a Faculty-Developed Team Instructional Model, Patricia Ann Marcellino

Foreword. Side by Side: Alice and Staughton Lynd, the Ohio Years, C. Mirra

Moral Injury, 'Animating Guilt,' and Gramsci's Contradictory Consciousness among Oppositional Soldiers, C. Mirra

Mentoring Faculty of Color in Institutions of Higher Education, Anne Mungai

"A Bi-Directional Examination of the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings and Company Financial Performance in the European Context", G. Nouyrigat and C.R. Baker

Using Information from the Reading Recovery Program Within a Response to Intervention Framework, E. A. O'Connor and A. E. Yasik

The Discourse of Humanness at the Intersection of Color-Blindness and Race Awareness, S. Sinha

Frederick Froebel's Philosophies About Art and Creativity, C. L. Weida

In The Spirit Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Mementos, Myths, and Metaphors of Motherwork: A Visual Essay on Motherhood in Art and Education, C. L. Weida

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Submissions from 2014

Craft Objects and Storytelling, D. Adeniji-Neill, T. Concannon-Gibney, and C. L. Weida

Haiti After the Quake: Poverty and Nation Building Through Images, Dreams of the Future and Realities, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Written in Her Own Voice: Excavating Our Pasts, Auto-Ethno-Edu-Biographies of Ten Women in Higher Education, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill and Anne Mungai

Transforming School Culture to Improve Students' Lives: An Urban School Students' Solutions, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill, Anne Mungai, and Srilata Bhattacharyya

"A Comparative Analysis of the Development of the Auditing Profession in the United Kingdom and in France", C.R. Baker

Alternative Perspectives on Accounting in the Public Interest, C.R. Baker

An Examination of the Ethical Discourse of the Us Public Accounting Profession From a Foucaultian Perspective, C.R. Baker

"Breakdowns in Accountability in the Face of Natural Disasters: the Case of Hurricane Katrina", C.R. Baker

Qualitative Research in Accounting: the North American Experience, C.R. Baker

"The Role of the State in Corporate Governance", C.R. Baker

The Regulation of Statutory Audting: an Institutional Theory Approach, C.R. Baker, J Bédard, and C. Prat dit Hauret

The South Station Hoard: Imagining, Creating and Empowering Violent Remains, C. Bradbury, K. Edwards, D. Lustig, and K. Sickman

Crafting Inner Space: Guided Visualizations for the Creative Classroom, Diane M. Caracciolo

Making a Splash With a Steams Curriculum, B. Crespi, C. Sasso, E. J.S Kang, and M. J. McCarthy

"From Chattel to First Lady: Black Women Moving From the Margins", M. Darling

The Welfare Principle in Children of Surrogacy", M. Darling

A New Approach to Educator Preparation Evaluation: Evidence for Continuous Improvement, C Donovan, J.E Ashdown, and A. Mungai

A New Approach to Educator Preparation Evaluation: Evidence for Continuous Improvement?, C.B. Donovan, Jane Ashdown, and A. M. Mungai

Taking Action Based on Evidence: A Collaboration Between the P-12 Community and a School of Education that Focuses on Improvement for Both Levels, C Donovan and T Hogan

An Evidence-Based Reflection on edTPA Implementation and Its Impact on Teacher Preparation, C. Donovan, E. J.S. Kang, M. J. McCarthy, and D. Thornburg

Effects of an NGSS-focused Professional Development on Elementary Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Teaching Practice, C Donovan, E Kang, and M.J. McCarthy

Reading Materials and Strategies For ELLs, D. Gordon, W. Ma, A. Pinto, and Y. Yang

Action Research Findings: Implications For Teaching ELLs, D. Gordon, M. Nakayama, and H. Ren

A Participant Observation Study of the Resolution of Audit Engagement Challenges in Government Tax Compliane Audits, R.S. Hayes and C.R. Baker

Fostering Self-regulated Learning in Preschool Classrooms, S. L. Horner and E. A. O'Connor

Non-Gamer Talk During Gameplay, A. C.Y. Hung

edTPA Task 4 Webinar Presentation., E JS Kang

Academic Language in the edTPA., E JS Kang and JoAnn Cosentino

Effects of an NGSS-focused Professional Development on Elementary Teachers' Self-efficacy and Teaching Practice., E JS Kang, C Donovan, and M. J. McCarthy

Fusing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and the Common Core ELA Standards to Inspire Students in Three High Needs School Districts, E. J.S. Kang and M. J. McCarthy

Critiquing Consumption Through Craft and the International Fiber Collaborative, P. Koehler, J. Marsh, and C. L. Weida

Morality, Ethical Awareness and Ethical Behavior in Business: Challenges For 21St Century Organizations, N Koumbiadis, J Okpara, and G. Pandit

Us GAAP Vs IFRS Impact on Decision-Makers., N Koumbiadis, G Pandit, and B. Swensen

Schools of Education and Data Literacy, E. Mandinach, M. Orland, Jane Ashdown, and P. Kowolski

"Supporting Students With Learning Difficulties", Patricia Ann Marcellino

Remixed/Unstitched Digital Communities of Contemporary Craft, J. Marsh and C. L. Weida

Moderator: Teaching Zinn, C. Mirra

Towards a Counter-Model to American Exceptionalism: The Dissenting Tradition Among Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Soldiers, C. Mirra

Raps and Young Children: Encouraging Emergent Literacy, B. Rando, E. A. O'Connor, K. Steuerwalt, and M. Bloom

The Construction of a Trustworthy Investment Opportunity: Insights From the Madoff Fraud, H Stolowy, M Messner, T. Jeanjean, and C.R. Baker

Internationalising Teacher Education Programs, Devin Thornburg, Elizabeth Langran, and Meta Van Sickle

Lessons Learned About Candidate Support on the edTPA, Devin Thornburg, MaryJean McCarthy, and Emily Kang

Lessons Learned about Candidate Support for the edTPA, D Thornburg, E JS Kang, and M. J. McCarthy

Black Mountain College Women on Clay, Craft & Nature: Marguerite Wildenhain, Mary Caroline "M.C" Richards, and Karen Karnes, C. L. Weida

Blanket Stories Online Project and Exhibition, C. L. Weida

Containing Interwoven Histories: Indigenous Basket Weaving in Art Education, C. L. Weida

Crafting Creativity and Creating Craft: Craftivism, Art Education, and Contemporary Craft Culture, C. L. Weida

Foundations of Craft in Education, C. L. Weida