Submissions from 2018

Homage to Orisha: Artistic Expressions and the Healing , and Educative Powers of a Yoruba Women's Poetry and Incantations, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Hybrid, Hybrid Flexible and Fully Online Learning Through Student's Eyes, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Cultural Immersion and Student Learning Through Study Abroad Programs, P. J. Antony

Social Experiences of People With Disabilities: Life After High School, P. J. Antony

Voices of Future Teachers Observing in Culturally Diverse Classrooms, P. J. Antony

Voices of Culturally Diverse Scholars in Higher Education: Highlighted Session, P. J. Antony, Anne M. Mungai, and M. Gonzalez

Strengthening Teacher Preparatory Programs By Placing Students in Culturally Diverse Classrooms, P. J. Antony and F. Vaughn-Shavuo

The Audit Profession, C.R. Baker

"What Can Thomas Jefferson's Accounting Records Tell Us About Plantation Management, Slavery, and Enlightenment Philosophy in Colonial America?", C.R. Baker

"Environmental Management Controls at Michelin - How Do They Link to Sustainability?", C.R. Baker, B. Cohanier, and D. Gibassier

Practices, Issues and Global Perspectives, C.R. Baker and R.S. Hayes

Developing Teacher Candidates' Ability to Address ELL Academic Language Needs and Cultural Assets,, C. Bauler and D. Gordon

Developing Linguistic and Cultural Awareness For Working With Ells: Activities For Beginning Teacher Preparation, C. V. Bauler and D. M. Gordon

Urban Schools and the Pursuit of Math Education, S. Bhattacharyya

Features of Student Teacher Reflections About Self and Peer Classroom Video That Cultivate Reform-Minded Thinking, R. M. Danielowich

Interacting Reflective Responses to Self and Peer Classroom Video Help Make Sense of Teacher Learning, R. M. Danielowich

Language and Integration: a Case Study of an ESL Program For Syrian Refugees in New Jersey, P. Gopalan, J. Paroff, and D. Gordon

Emphasizing the Rhythm of English in Pronunciation Activities, D. Gordon

Stem Into Steam in the Middle School Classroom: E-Textiles and Drawing Machines, T. M. Hogan and H. Cohen

An Introduction to NGSS Classroom Assessments, E. J.S. Kang and M. Christiansen

Introducing Elementary Teacher Candidates to Academic Language Development Within Their First Methods Course, E. J.S. Kang and M. J. McCarthy

What a Bilingual Science Teacher's Reflections Revealed About Her Beliefs on Science and Language Teaching, E. J.S. Kang, L. H. Swanson, and C. Vaz-Bauler

Visioning Steam on a Liberal Arts Campus: Creating Community One Project at a Time, C. Maguire, E. J.S. Kang, T. Hogan, and M. J. McCarthy

A Conversation on Trauma and Race, M. O'Loughlin

Fossils of Memory: Reflections on Animation of Subjectivity as Legacy, M. O'Loughlin

Introduction: Bearing Witness to South Africa's Moral Trauma, M. O'Loughlin

Listening at the Limit: Transforming Care of People in Mental Health Crises, M. O'Loughlin

The Possibility For Radical Subjectivity in a Neoliberal World Order, M. O'Loughlin

Troubling Immigrant Children and Families in the U.S.: Report on the Adelphi Asylum Project, M. O'Loughlin

Sustainability Reporting By the Top 100 Companies in the S&P 500 Index: Findings From Some Recent Data, G Pandit and A. Rubenfield

Co-Teaching Between ESOL and Content-Area Teachers: Opportunities and Challenges, C. Vaz-Bauler and E. J.S. Kang

From the Hellmouth to Hell's Kitchen: Analyzing Aesthetics of Women Survivors and Spaces of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jessica Jones, C. L. Weida

From the Hellmouth to Hell’s Kitchen: Analyzing Aesthetics of Women Survivors and Spaces of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jessica Jones, C. L. Weida

Future Fiber Feminism and Change Through Craft, C. L. Weida

"Veridian Artists’ Evil Plastic Exhibition.", C. L. Weida

"Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition", C. L. Weida

Tracing Treasure Troves and Traditions, C. L. Weida and C. Bradbury

Submissions from 2017

Communal and Tributary Formations: the Yourba Expertence, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Eileen: the Lonely Christmas Tree. New York, Ny : Archway Publishing, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Homage to Orisha, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Things Are They Way They Are...., Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Women in Society, Education and Empowered in African Context, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Teaching Multi-Culturally in the Age of Globalization. Inclusive Education Conference, Trinidad/ Tobago West Indies., Dolapo Adeniji-Neill and Anne M. Mungai

"Public Sector Accounting in Italy at the Beginning of the 20Th Century: the Contribution of Fabio Besta,", P Andrei, C.R. Baker, and M. Sargiacomo

Making Higher Education Accessible For All Learners: Experiences of Students With Cerebral Palsy, P. J. Antony

Tracking Attitudinal Changes in Suppport of Ensuring Inclusive and Equitable Quality of Education, P. J. Antony and F. Vaughn-Shavuo

"Breakdowns in Internal Controls in Bank Trading Information Systems: the Case of the Fraud at Société Générale", C.R Baker and B. Cohanier

"Breakdowns in Internal Controls in Bank Trading Information Systems: the Case of the Fraud at Socieay, C.R. Baker and B. Cohanier

Human Capital and Resilience: an Analysis of The Identity Issues of Asian Indian American Women in the Diaspora, S. Bhattacharyya

Web-Based Instruction: Personal Agency as an Indicator of Students' Strategies to Learn, S. Bhattacharyya

Introduction, Diane M. Caracciolo and C L. Weida

The Swing of the Pendulum: The Urgency of Arts Education for Healing, Learning, and Wholeness, Diane M. Caracciolo and C L. Weida

Transformation and Renewal through the Arts: The Life and Work of Deirdre Hurst du Prey, Diane M. Caracciolo and C L. Weida

Introduction, D. Caracciolo and C. L. Weida

Emerging Technologies and Changing Practices in Science Classrooms, J. Craven and T. M. Hogan

Challenging Expectation: Reconsidering Higher Education's Preparation of Teachers of the Arts, J. Davis, S. Seidel, C.L. Weida, and R. Bernard

Examining New Teacher Success Via Different Clinical Pathways, C. Donovan, T. M. Hogan, and D. Gordon

Unpeeling the Onion: U.S. Naturalization Policy and the Experience of Laotian Refugees, D. Gordon

Engaging Our Students in Critical Literacy and Social Justice in the Science Classroom, T. M. Hogan and J. Brown

Aligning Curriculum to the Next Generation Science Standards, E. J.S. Kang

Writing and Aligning Curriculum to the Next Generation Science Standards, E. J.S. Kang

Elementary Extravaganza: Fusing Art and Design in to an Electricity Unit, C. Maguire, E. J.S. Kang, T. Hogan, and M. J. McCarthy

Howard Zinn's Life and Work as Peace Education, C. Mirra

The Impact of the Common Front on Howard Zinn's Formative Radicalism., C. Mirra

Facilitating Diversity and Inclusion Discussions in the Classroom, Anne M. Mungai and P. J. Antony

And We Forgave Them: Stories From the Struggle Against Apartheid in Venda, South Africa, L. Muofhe and P. Phaswana

Closing the Gap: a Collaborative Interpretive Approach to Inquiry With Persons With Chronic Psychiatric Difficulties, M. O'Loughlin

Discussant Remarks, M. O'Loughlin

Finding a Writing Voice and Writing For Publication: a Conversation With PCS Editors, M. O'Loughlin

Lives Interrupted: an Analysis of Life Narratives of Persons With Chronic Psychiatric Struggles, M. O'Loughlin

The Emergence of the Speaking Subject: Child Therapy and the Subject of Desire, M. O'Loughlin

The Possibility of Nurturing a Kernel of Creativity in a Child, M. O'Loughlin

"Audit Committee Requirements in Six Major Capital Markets: How Far Have We Come?", G Pandit, G. Conway, and C.R. Baker

"Audit Committee Requirements in Six Major Capital Markets: How Far Have We Come?", G Pandit, G. Conway, and C.R. Baker

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in High Education, Green Perry, Anne M. Mungai, and Mohamed Nur-Awaleh

Trust in Leadership, D. Thornburg

International Perspectives on Trauma and Resilience Among Immigrant Students. International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology, Porto, Portugal, Devin G. Thornburg and Anne M. Mungai

Criticial Peace Education and Global Citizenship: Narratives From the Unofficial Curriculum. New York Routledge., R. Verma

Hellmouth/Hell's Kitchen: Aesthetics of Btvs and Jessica Jones, C. L. Weida

Mutts, Music, and Memory Books: Rebellious Remixes of the Hunger Games in Art Education Contexts, C. L. Weida

"Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition", C. L. Weida

Submissions from 2016

A Gift From the Yoruba Trickster: Culturally Relevant Teaching in the Age of Globalization, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

A Gift of the Yoruba Trickster: Teaching Multiculturally in the Age of Globalization, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Written in Her Own Voice: Ethno-educational Autobiographiesof Women in Education, Dolapo Adeniji-Neill and Anne Mungai

College Education For Students With Disabilities: India and the United States, P. J. Antony and S Mathew

Accounting and Economic Systems, a Tribute to the Work of Jacques Richard, C.R. Baker

"From Care of the Poor to the Great Confinement: an Exploration of Hospital Accounting in France", C.R. Baker

"Considerations Beyond the Fraud Triangle in the Fraud at Soci, C.R Baker, B. Cohanier, and N. Leo

Gendered Identities: Asian Indian Women. Paper, S. Bhattacharyya

Web-Based Instruction: Outcomes of Students' Motivation and Strategies to Lear, S. Bhattacharyya

Web based Instruction: Outcomes of Students Strategies Towards Creating Personal Agency, Srilata Bhattacharyy, Anne Mungai, and Dolapo Adeniji-Neill

Books, Patriarchal Agency, and the (In)visible Body of the Princess: Future Uses and Medieval Context for Disney's Sleeping Beauty, C. Bradbury and C. L. Weida

"Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Controversial Industries, J Byrd, K Hickman, C.R. Baker, and B Cohanier

The Big Book Project: Learning about Early Literacy Skills, T. Concannon-Gibney and E. A. O'Connor

"Not Without Struggle I Rise: Creating a Habitable Space in Predominantly White Institutions", M. Darling

Mentor Perceptions and Commitment in an Era of Increased Accountability, C. Donovan and T. M. Hogan

Citizen Science Initiatives around Community Based Issues: A Research Partnership Explored across the Primary - Higher Education Learning Continuum, T Hogan, D Crupar, M. J. McCarthy, E JS Kang, and C. Donovan

A Clinically Rich Teacher Education Model for Bilingual Science Teachers: Promising Practices and Lessons Learned, T. Hogan, D. Gordon, and C. Donovan

Conversation Analysis, Transcription, and Local Productions of Order, A. C.Y. Hung

Designing and Implementing Gamification in Higher Education Online and Hybrid Courses, A. C.Y. Hung, E. Zarco, D. Dembicki, M. Yang, and M. Kase