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Interim Dean: Anne M. Mungai

The College of Education and Health Sciences prepares educators and health professionals to be leaders in our global society through student-centered undergraduate and graduate curricular, experiential, and research opportunities. It is a highly engaged learning community modeling interdisciplinary collaboration through academic programs, research initiatives, and community engagement that graduates highly sought-after professionals prepared to serve diverse communities.

The college values form the foundation of our philosophy of education. Values translate into educational goals and purposes that drive all that we do, in the classroom and beyond. These values include the idea that educators and practitioners must be scholars who value and engage in lifelong learning, as well as a commitment to human dignity and diversity in all forms, and the importance of embracing our differences and honoring all voices.

The college's view of education is holistic. The body, mind, and heart must be nurtured equally. In a similar vein, creativity and vision are strengths that must be valued and nurtured. An open, creative mindset encourages constant reflection on the world and new ways of making it more humane, just, sustainable, and beautiful. Educators and practitioners are inherently leaders and role models. They carry a responsibility to work towards build strong, civically engaged communities that fearlessly strive for a more just world.


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