Department Chair: Salvatore J. Petrilli

Mathematics is the art and science of abstraction. Galileo said that mathematics is the language in which the universe is written. The study of mathematics provides the abilities to analyze and visualize data, discover patterns and reason logically.

Computer Science is the fusion of abstraction and technology; it is the study of representing, processing, and communicating data, the design and analysis of algorithms, and the implementation of solutions through both hardware and software. The study of Computer Science is both theoretical and practical. It provides the foundation to design, develop, secure, and maintain computer systems existing everywhere in this digital age. In addition to gaining a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Computer Sciences, each student selects one or more areas of specialization to guide their program of study. Current specializations offered by the department include Game Programming, Software Engineering, Information Security, Foundations of Computer Science, and Applied Sciences.

Information Systems is an interdisciplinary approach to to utilizing computers to collect, organize, analyze, and communicate information in business environments. The field of study combines foundational elements of Computer Science and of Business Administration. Information Systems students will develop expertise as technical managers, as systems analysts, and as system designers. IS students will work side-by-side with Computer Science students who specialize in technical design and implementations, and with business students who strive to effectively manage an organization’s assets—its people, money, information, and technology.


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